‘Peace Park’

Cool-haired polymath Michelle Delea has produced a documentary, The Sprawling Octopus of an Elevated Highway, about a group of campaigners who prevented Cork from becoming host to a destructive flyover 50 years ago. It debuted on Friday 23rd September (Culture Night).

Accompanying the documentary was a special newspaper, comprising interviews and features about the city.

I was very pleased to be able to contribute a short story, ‘Peace Park’.

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‘Méaróg and the Different Pebble’

A few months ago, Cork Nature Network put out a call for ‘short stories about otters for young readers’. With an hour till the deadline, I sat down in a café and wrote a short story about otters for young readers.

Very happily, it was accepted – you can buy a copy of the collection below (all proceeds go towards Cork Nature Network projects).

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Published by Cork Nature Network.

‘Rubble (The Demolished People)’

I came up with the premise of this one about seven years ago, inspired by the UK government’s treatment of vulnerable people – a subject that is still hip-happening today.

I also wanted to write a story with brackets in the title.

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Published by Fly on the Wall Press for their ‘Power’ issue.

Seán Ó Faoláin Short Story Competition

Very happily, I’ve been selected as a runner-up in the Seán Ó Faoláin Short Story Competition 2021 – one of the top seven out of nearly 800 entries, as judged by Simon Van Booy.

The winning and running-up stories (including ‘Exhibition of the Endlings’) will be published in Southword in summer 2022.

Capsule Stories interview

hands holding Capsule Stories Autumn 2021 Edition open to the story Heirloom byThomas Lawrance

‘Heirloom’ was recently published by Capsule Stories. I had a great experience with this journal, from the editor’s friendly and considered suggestions through to their generous promotion online.

I was also sent a set of questions about the story, which I was happy to answer. You can read the interview on their website:

Thomas Lawrance on Examining Ireland’s Hidden Bodies in Fiction

‘Lost, Presumed Melted’

The story of Earth’s last iceberg.

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(It’s the last piece of the issue, at the bottom of the page).

Published by Ab Terra Flash Fiction Magazine (Brain Mill Press) for their ‘climate & environment’ issue.